The Limitless Brochure

In the automotive market, the launch of a new model is never just the launch of a new model.
In this case, Kia's goal was to exploit the new Niro to obtain a double result: to bring the model closer to a young audience,
looking for a way to assert their personality, and to prove its role of everyone's inspiration enabler.

Thus, Sounds Wonderful was born: the first musical contest conceived, organized and managed entirely by a car company
and with the extraordinarily active participation of the hero car.

At the end of a path made up of targeted training sessions, a jury made up of Mahmood and two internationally renowned coaches
awarded the most promising emerging artist with the opportunity to perform on a real stage by opening one of Mahmood's concerts.

The operation, began with a video manifesto designed to tell the brand positioning and the harmony with the main artist,
was told and supported by social contents both from the brand and from all the artists involved.