Since the web is full of questions such as "Can electric cars enter the car wash?"
it seems clear that electrified mobility is still a difficult topic for many people.

Yet, the problem are not the questions but the answers, often too technical and very boring.
For the launch of Kia's new electrified range, we thought it was time
to simply, quickly and engagingly answer to all the questions on the subject.

So “Time To Be Electric” was born: the digital live quiz show hosted by Diletta Leotta
that saw Andrea Galeazzi (youtuber and technology expert) and Vicky Piria (professional pilot)
challenging each other by answering live and in less than one minute to the questions posted live by the public.

In addition to the social channels of the brand we also used the personal channels of the personalities involved
to generate attention and involve as many users as possible. So, while Diletta was inviting her followers
to join her in a new and thrilling adventure, the two contenders were teasing each other with a goliardic repartee.


In the end, we extrapolated a video pill for each of the questions and used them
to make the Q&A section of the Kia website more original and effective as well.