Espace à la Magie

The Scrigno brand has undergone the so-called "brand vulgarization" phenomenon,
which has transformed the Scrigno name into a synonym for retractable doors in general.
 We've been asked to create a print campaign, dedicated to the French market,
whose objective
was to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.

Our idea?
To add a touch of magic because the essence of Scrigno is the same behind the most amazing magic tricks:
to arouse amazement with apparently fluid and simple gestures that are actually the result of years and years of continuous improvement.
And, of course, without the slightest presence of visible mechanisms.


“To bring up and disappear something it's not a trick.
It is excellence."

“To accomplish something
impossible is not magic.
It's quality."


"Do something amazing without showing the mechanisms behind it is not illusionism. It's precision."

While the words tell the truth behind such an amazing achievement,
the choice to place them in correspondence with the hidden mechanisms enhances the concept of earned space.