Moving Inspiration Project

In 2021 Kia changes its positioning and becomes the brand of the “Movement that Inspires”.
However, to launch the first model of this new era we had to face a paradox:
present a car that's the embodiment of movement through a motionless installation.
When all seemed lost, we had an enlightening idea, literally: we decided to use the light to turn a non-running car into an artistic installation
capable of transmitting and narrating not only its own movement but also the brand's one.

The operation was a success, as evidenced not only by the great interactions generated on social networks and the earned media
but also by the results obtained in some of the most prestigious advertising awards.


If you have come this far it means the operation has aroused your interest, so just for you here are the three branded video contents to discover it in detail,
starting from the engagement of the two international exponents of Italian design and going through the creation of the installation
to finish with the unveiling of the artwork during the official presentation event.

"That's all, Folks!"